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Welcome to my talk page! I will try my best to answer within 24 hours.

Note that it may be better for you to leave me a talk page on m:User talk:Ferien, you may get a quicker response.

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GRATEFUL[kulemba source]

Greetings Farien,

I discovered you are active at times on this wiki,and you mainly focus on fixing bold,images,etc., thats great and thank you.

Your presence here matters. Tumbuka Arch (pakuchezgela) 09:04, 1 Ogasiti 2022 (UTC)Reply[zgola]

Tumbuka Arch, thanks! I haven't edited here properly in a while but I made quite a few uncontroversial changes last year to help the wiki. It is fabulous that you're here too. Before you arrived, there were no native Tumbuka speakers here. Now, you've managed to translate signatures, the interface and create so many more articles in the process. You have completely changed the wiki for the better. Your work here is really valuable :) --Ferien (pakuchezgela) 21:27, 1 Ogasiti 2022 (UTC)Reply[zgola]
Thanks! Tumbuka Arch (pakuchezgela) 10:02, 3 Ogasiti 2022 (UTC)Reply[zgola]

Greetings Ferien,

I was going through this wiki and at some point this wiki was about to be deleted or moved back to incubator, but you were there to fight for it. You did not agree with this. This wiki is alive because of you.

Again, on my first edit on this wiki, I was welcomed by you; which means you have always been watchful on this wiki in the past last years.

I just want to thank you a million times.

I am a native Tumbuka speaker and Tumbuka is my mother tongue, what you did about saving this wiki was the greatest love beyond.

Thank you so much, Ferien!!

God bless you. Tumbuka Arch 16:54, 12 Malichi 2023 (UTC)Reply[zgola]

Tumbuka Arch, I'm happy to have helped with that! And as I have said before, thank you for reviving the wiki and helping to translate this wiki's interface, create tons of articles, signatures etc. :) --Ferien (pakuchezgela) 17:17, 12 Malichi 2023 (UTC)Reply[zgola]