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G.I. Joe character
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Usage[kulemba source]

{{Infobox G.I. Joe character
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| caption        = 
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| birthplace     = 
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| rank           = 
| primaryMOS     = 
| secondaryMOS   = 
| subgroup       = 
| previous       = 
| series         = 
| voiceby        = 
| actor          = 
| debut          = 

name refers to the character's code-name. Their given name is listed as realname.

affiliation — Various affiliations create different colored backgrounds. If an unlisted affiliation is input into this field, it will default to a grey background.

Valid Affiliations are: G.I. Joe, Cobra, Dreadnoks, Iron Grenadiers, Oktober Guard, and Cobra-La. Other groups are probably valid, but perhaps should be discussed first.

All other fields are optional. It would be helpful to future editors to leave them present in the article code, however.

function refers to the role the character usually has, such as Saboteur or Machine Gunner.

birthplace, serial (serial number), and rank would be available on the character's filecard. The MOS lines refer to first and second specialties, also from the filecard. Some of this information changes with reissued characters; please use a <br> to separate.

subgroup refers to internal groupings such as Tiger Force or Python Patrol, or sales groupings such as Star Brigade. previous refers to other allegiances, for example the character Mercer would be affiliated with G.I. Joe and have a previous of Cobra.

series can be used to note characters that appeared in Sigma 6.

voiceby is for cartoon actors. Can also be used if voice is different than the actor portraying them in the movie.

actor is for live action movie actors.

debut is for the year the character first appeared in the toy line, not their debut on TV or in the comics.

Example[kulemba source]

Sgt. Archive
G.I. Joe character
First appearance2004
Voiced byMark Bellomo
In-universe information
AffiliationG.I. Joe
SpecialtyHistorical information specialist
File nameMark W. Bellomo
Birth placeSeneca Falls, New York
Primary MOSArchival records retrieval
Secondary MOSIntelligence
SeriesA Real American Hero

Most of this example's information comes from the back cover of the book, The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe 1982-1994, by Mark Bellomo, published by KP Books (ISBN 0-87341-669-4). It is not intended to identify any real, known person or events.