Template:WikiProject task force box/doc

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This template creates a floating box linked to a designated WikiProject task force.

Use[kulemba source]

The complete syntax for this template is:



  • wpname is the required parent WikiProject base name.
  • tfname is the required task force base name.
  • label= an optional formatted label. (default label={{{tfname|}}}<br/>task force)
  • image= an optional file name parameter of the image to display
    • The default image file names are stored in directory Module:Portal/images.
    • Placing the 11 characters {{!}}border at the end of the image file name will display a one pixel border around the image.
  • ilink= an optional link for the image.
    • The image link defaults to the image file.
  • align= an optional floating box alignment parameter.
    • align=left
    • align=right (default)
  • talign= an optional text alignment parameter.
    • talign=left
    • talign=center (default)
    • talign=right
    • talign=justify
  • width= an optional floating box maximum width parameter in pixels. (default width=200)

Examples[kulemba source]

Wikitext userbox where used
{{TFbox}} linked pages
{{TFbox|Germany|Hamburg}} linked pages
{{TFbox|Islam|Muslim history}} linked pages
{{TFbox|California|Los Angeles}} linked pages
{{TFbox|Military history|United States military history}} linked pages
{{TFbox|Algae|?dFb6%}} linked pages

Restriction[kulemba source]

This template should not be placed in the main article namespace {{NS:0}}.

See also[kulemba source]