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TemplateData for Normalwraplink

This template can be used within {{sidebar}} to wrap links which are normally not broken by whitespace, such as in the title.

The target page
Display text2
The text displayed as the link. Defaults to the page name (i.e. like normal piping).

See also[kulemba source]

  • {{nowrap}} prevents wrapping within a single template (i.e. not suitable for relatively complex or lengthy content).
  • {{nowraplinks}} ... {{nowraplinks end}} prevents wraps inside links while allowing wraps between links and in normal text. Very useful for link lists and easy to use.
  • {{nowrap begin}} ... {{nowrap end}} prevents wraps in both text and links. For the trickier wrapping cases when you need full control, for instance in very complex link lists.
  • {{avoid wrap}} prevents wraps unless the space is too narrow to display the text on one line.
    • {{inline block}} does the same and allows further style customization, but does not automatically add the "avoidwrap" CSS class.
  • {{spaces}} produces multiple non-breaking spaces (or a single one).
  • {{wrap}} can be used to provide a (brief) exception within a no-wrapping area.
    • {{normalwraplink}} allows links to wrap when they otherwise would not.
  • {{·}} and {{•}}, spaced and wrap-sensitive interpunct (dot) and bullet.
  • Help:Line-break handling, Wikipedia's how-to guide about word wrapping and line breaks.
    • In particular, to avoid line wrapping when quoting a passage such as a poem or computer code, see Template:Quote § Line breaks – e.g. Template:Blockquote with "poem" tag.