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Scribunto testing area[kulemba source]

This is not an actual Lua module. It exists to provide a convenient pseudo-namespace for code testing, hopefully preventing the main Module: namespace from becoming littered with experiments, as Lua modules cannot exist as subpages in the User: namespace.

Please name your experimental modules in the following format to help keep things tidy:

Module:Sandbox/Your User Name

If you need more Module sandboxes, create subpages of the sandbox thus created.

You can use Special:PrefixIndex/Module:Sandbox to list modules in this area.

Please do not edit this page. This page serves as a root for the sandbox.

The following below is some starter code that you may use to get started with module writing and testing. Please feel free to take this to get started on your module.

Remember to remove this top notice when copying and pasting from here to your module sandbox.

local p = {}
p.main = function(frame)
	local args = frame.args
	local out = ''
	-- some code here
	return out
return p